Why are more women going for vaginal tightening in India?

Cosmetic gynaecology was one of the very less known branches of gynaecology in the world and in India a decade ago. The services were opted only by elite women and celebrities who wanted to keep their youthful looks in every part of their body. However, with more affordable solutions and awareness, cosmetic gynaecology is now a pretty popular subject among many women.

ThermiVA(r) - non surgical procedure for vaginal tightening

ThermiVA® – non surgical procedure for vaginal tightening

ThermiVA(r) is a radiofrequency machine that emits radio frequency waves that are just powerful enough to generate the right amount of heat inside and outside the vagina. Heating up the muscles and tissues in and outside the vagina triggers the production of collagen, thus bringing back the tightness and life into the loosened muscles in the pelvic region.


Extended tummy tuck – Procedure, Risks, After Care and Cost

In our previous article, we have covered about ‘Mini tummy tuck’ where in the just the lower bottom of the abdomen is corrected. In an extended tummy tuck (which is similar to abdominoplasty procedure), the fat from the love handles (or side flanks) and lower back is also removed. This should sound as a boon to many people who work out regularly but still find it hard to lose those love handles.


Mini Tummy Tuck – Get your abdomen in perfect shape after delivery

Mini tummy tuck refers to the surgical procedure in which a little ‘bloated’ kind of abdomen is brought into shape. This is a less invasive surgery than regular tummy tuck, also called abdominoplasty. The surgery is performed between the belly button and the pubic area, usually referred to as the lower abdomen. Mini tummy tuck should be opted when you have worked on your diet, have been regular exercises but none of them could help you in reshaping your abdomen.


Tummy tuck along with C-section surgery? Is it advisable?

Are you thinking of going for a tummy tuck surgery immediately after you delivery your baby via C-section surgery? Tummy tuck (also called abdominoplasty) is a surgery done to correct the shape of abdomen by adjusting the muscles and removing the extra skin to bring you back into shape post delivery. If you are thinking that combining both into a single surgery (though it is longer) so that you can save some time, then this article is for you.