Cosmetic Gynecologist in Chennai

What is cosmetic gynecology?

Gynecology, in recent years has been broadly classified into two branches:

  1. Functional Gynecology/Gynaecology
  2. Cosmetic Gynecology/Gynaecology

Functional gynecology is related to the treatment procedures that correct the functionality of reproductive organs in women whereas cosmetic gynecology includes procedures that mainly deal with the aesthetics (appearance) of the vagina, vulva, labia majora, labia minora, clitoral hood etc.

As women age and with (multiple) child births, the muscles in the pelvis region as well as the tissues around the vagina loosen up changing the appearance of the vagina. This has become a cause of concern for more women these days as they are more concerned about the appearance of their private organs and what their partner feels/thinks about them.  A drooping vagina or a darkened vagina may dent the confidence of a woman to go totally nude during her moments. This can take show up as stress in her everyday life ruining the quality of her life and may be her relationship.  Here is where cosmetic gynecology comes to the rescue.

Is there is a best cosmetic gynecologist in Chennai?

Every gynecologist claims to be the best in her services and we don’t doubt any of their abilities or confidence in treating their patients. However, Dr. Deepa Ganesh is a pioneer of cosmetic gynecology in Chennai, Tamil Nadu and in India who has brought with her the special branch of gynecology to her patients or anyone looking for aesthetic makeover of their private parts.  Dr. Deepa Ganesh has been practicing gynecology since 18 years during which she has been a consulting gynecologist at various major multispecialty gynecology hospitals across Chennai.

Cosmetic Gynecologist in Chennai

What is the cost of laser vaginal rejuvenation in Chennai?

Putting a number to a certain procedure is really difficult because the treatment required for each patient varies depending on the condition of their private parts and what the woman wants to get done. Contacting Dr. Deepa Ganesh at her front desk number (+91 98401 65658) can provide you with at least some of the required information about the approximate cost of any of the procedures.