Labia Majora Reduction or Labia Majoraplasty

One of the cosmetic gynecology procedures that is done to reduce the thickness and/or the size of the outer hair bearing labia majora. (Refer to the picture in this article to locate Labia Majora).


Why does a woman want to undergo labia majoraplasty surgery?

Bigger labia majora may change appearance of the vagina. Vagina can look fat, drooping or the person may be having discomfort working out or cycling or may not be comfortable to expose her vagina during oral sex.

Parts of Woman's Vagina - Cosmetic Gynecology Specialist - Dr. Deepa Ganesh

How is Labia Majora Reduction done?

Typically, the procedure is done under local anesthesia with oral sedation or general anesthesia. The decision depends on the gynecologist and the patient (how much amount of labia tissue has to be removed).

The gynecologist then makes incision on the inner sides of each labium and removes slight crescents of skin from them. How much amount of skin and tissue is removed depends on the patient’s wish and the doctor’s decision. In cases where the fatty tissue is has to be removed more than required, fat transfer is done. Fat is collected from different part of the body and placed in the labium region(s). Closing of the incisions is done by using absorb-able sutures.

Risks associated with Labia Majoraplasty:

Thats why you really need to do your homework very thoroughly before picking up the best cosmetic gynecologist in your city or area or near you. Risks of labia majoraplasty include bleeding, hematoma (bleeding under the skin), infection, scarring, under-section or over-section. (Only a highly experienced doctor can perform the procedure perfectly).


It usually takes a week or maximum two for the area to heal completely. You can then go back to your work as usual but you must avoid lifting weights and participating in intercourse or sexual activities. During the recovery period, ice pack can be applied frequently to reduce the swelling . The person can also lie with her bottom elevated (may be with a pillow under the butt) to reduce swelling.

Patient can resume regular work, workouts and start having intercourse after 6 weeks post consultation with your gynecologist. There can be still some swelling seen for around 6 months depending on how much tissue was removed. You should be in touch with your gynecologist until you are completely recovered.

Laser Labiaplasty - by Dr. Deepa Ganesh