Laser Labiaplasty

Laser Labiaplasty (Laser Reduction Labiaplasty of the Labia Minora) is a plastic surgery done on the labia of the vagina. Typically, Labiaplasty refers to the work done on the Labia Minora of the vagina. This procedure is performed to change the size or shape of the labia, typically to make them smaller or correcting an asymmetry between them. A surgical procedure where laser is used to cut, dissect the ‘lips’ of the vagina and then absorbable suture material is used to re approximate the skin edges.

“Women wishing to reduce the size and appearance of the Labia Minora that protrude beyond the large outer lips of the vagina (Labia Majora) and want to make their vagina look younger prefer to undergo this procedure.” The large, typically sagging, thick and unappealing inner lips of the vagina are corrected to give the appearance that of a young woman.

Designer Labiaplasty Surgeon in Chennai - Cosmetic Gynecology Clinic, Dr Deepa Ganesh

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This procedure is done on an out-patient basis. The patient is administered local/general anesthesia depending on the doctor’s and patient’s preference. Then a nerve blocking agent is also given as a pain killer that lasts from 18 to 24 hours. The duration of the procedure is typically 1 hours unless other procedures like Vaginoplasty (Tightening of Vagina) is combined along with Labiaplasty.

Surgical marking is done on the Labia Minora and using a precision medical laser is used
to trim off the extra skin. Highest quality suture material is used to seal the opened skin area. (Edges of Labia Minora or inner lips of vagina). After this, a proprietary technique is used to remove the prepuce as desired by the patient. Once the procedure is done, the patient is transferred to resting room for a couple of hours and then she will be allowed to go home.

What to expect post surgery?

The patient will see some swelling, bruising and feel little discomfort for at least 2 weeks. Pain medication will be provided and in cases where constipation is reported, stool softeners will also be advised. Patients will be advised to drink lot of fluids and consume more fruits and vegetables in their diet.

Applying ice packs to the area also provides a lot of relief from pain and swelling.

Precautions to be taken post surgery:

  1. No sexual activity for six weeks.
  2. No workout for six weeks, including heavy lifting, spinning or cycling etc.
  3. No shower for 2 or 3 days. No tub bath for 4 weeks.
  4. Using tight underwear has to be avoided.

Women with white collar jobs can return to work from second week. Women whose job involves more of physical work should rest for at least 2 weeks before getting back to work.

Once the recovery period of 6 weeks is over, the person can resume life as normal, can have sex, can work out etc.,

Dr. Deepa Ganesh on Laser Labiaplasty

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